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Please accept my profound thanks for the services you offer to our company, I am pleased to report that you have exceeded our expectations in all regards. Whether it is new server commissioning, design services, maintenance or troubleshooting - your team have always done a superb job and delivered on time. It is extremely refreshing to work with a designated contact that is our "go-to" man for everything we want and is always fair and equitable in his dealings with us. No matter what the project or difficulty involved his reply is "we can do that" and he makes it happen. I would give "Trimax a 10/10 for Technical Competence and Cost Effectiveness."
  Mr. Maneesh Kumar
Diversified Business Solutions Private Ltd.
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Apart from world-class infrastructure at Trimax Data Center, we were provided by quality support too, I must appreciate for the support provided by the team, especially during odd hours in recent past. Hats off to the Trimax team. Keep up the quality service.
  Mr. Manoj Kumar, MD & CEO
Cubic Live Infotech (P) Ltd.
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The data center built is excellent and there is enough space for expansion.
  Mr. S. Srinivasa Reddy
It is a very good model and we look forward to utilizing your services.
  Mr. Joe Pulickel, GM,
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The data center has stupendous facilities with a very good team effort.
  Mr. Prasad Krishnamurthy, AGM
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There is excellent planning, and built-in redundancies and security. Also, the team members are very knowledgeable and co-operative.
  Mr.  Vikas Dhawan, CSO
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A very well-built data center with excellent facilities and management.
  Mr. R. K. Sharma, GM
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A wonderful initiative by a PSU, at par with global standards in work procedure. I wish them all the best!
  Mr. Rajeev Agrawal, DGM – IT, ERP,
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The data center is well designed and maintained. ITI is doing a good job.
  Mr. N C Nataraj, AGM
Canara Bank
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An excellent and wonderful data center with huge potential.
  Mr. P. Jagadeesan, GM
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A complete Data Center, built with quality and standards, where one can expect good service with feasibilities available.
  Mr. K. Rama Murthy, Chief Systems Manager
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A true data center with minutest design done to perfection.
  Mr. Mehul Patil DCM
IBM India
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A very exciting business model and that a PSU like ITI ventured into it itself is commendable. All the best for Phase -2 of the project. It is an exciting time in PPP experiments and should become a good infrastructure source in service of nation. Congratulations to Trimax for a great collaborative effort.
  Mr. J. R. K. Rao
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An extremely well thought and well executed project utilizing strength of both ITI & Private sector. Data center is the business of future whose relevance and demand will increase with time. ITI and Trimax deserve rich commendation for their dedication.
  Mr. Subodh Kumar
Ministry of Telecommunication and IT
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Impressive work, fantastic set-up.
  Mr. Vijay Raghavan
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The facility created is extremely impressive with state-of-the-art features. It is going to be quite useful and in demand. Periodic auditing may be done independently for keeping up high confidence among users.
  Dr. P. K. Saxena
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The facility and business model is excellent for upcoming technology and business challenges.
  Mr. Mohan M
Sparsh BPO Services
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Impressive, we can work for joint business.
  Mr. Sri Ganesh Rao
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It is a state-of-the-art very advanced level DC one can be very proud of.
  Dr. R. B. Barman, Former ED
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Excellent facility redundancy and scalability. It should be successful in the future for acquiring customers.
  Mr. Kaulen Anderson
CISCO Systems
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The set-up is outstanding. All the necessary care has been take to make it one of the world-class data centers. It is a very good and brilliantly managed project managed with excellent support facilities.
  Mr. Mahadesha, JD
STPI, Bangalore
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