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Physical Security
  Security process has been certified for ISO 27001:2005
  24x7 monitoring by on-site security
  Multiple levels of physical security – biometric scanners, Role based access cards and CCTV
  Cameras with video archival for 30 days for audit purpose
  All security systems are integrated with our Building Management System (BMS)
   and are fully monitored 24x7x365
   Can also create customized security policies for customers on request
  Multiple levels of redundancy in its power provisioning
  Redundancies include –
     Primary feeders
     Diesel generators in 2N+1 Configuration best-of-breed Emerson UPS Systems
                   in 2N+1 configuration
     Battery banks
     PDUs (Power Distribution Units)
   Uninterrupted power supply up from grid to rack level even in the unlikely event of a sustained
  power failure
  Our High Density Hosting Services allows customers to have up to 14 KVA per rack without
  increasing the footprint
Fire Protection
  Comprehensive fire prevention and mitigation procedures protect the ITI Data Center from
  any possible fire hazards
  It includes –
     State-of-the-art high-sensitivity smoke detectors
     High-speed Nitrogen based Fire suppression (Nitrogen gas ensures that no damage occurs
                       to the equipment in the event of a discharge)
     Periodic Fire drills
     Escalation mechanisms
     VESDA fire suppression systems
     Fire station & hospital in the campus for super fast response to exigencies
Raised Floor
   Equipped with 600mm Raised floor
  Have installed power cables below the raised floors for better protection
  Cooled air is redirected through the mesh tiles to ensure better cooling efficiency to customer cage
               and equipment areas
Precision Air-conditioning
   Redundant precision air-conditioning systems to closely monitor and regulate the ambient
               temperature and relative humidity of the Data Center
  The HVAC units are powered by both normal and emergency electrical systems
     Monitored through the building automation system; the failure of any unit triggers an alarm
     Temperature maintained at 22 ± 2 °C
     Humidity level maintained at 50 ± 5% humidity, non-condensing
     The “Active Tile” solution for cooling ensures sufficient cooling for High Density Power Racks
Co-location Area
  Offers high quality, industry standard cabinets across the entire site with power from dual sources
  Customers can choose to host their equipment in secured cabinets or Private Cages
  Optional security features such as Biometric Scanners or dedicated CCTV surveillance systems are                 available for Private Cages.   
Meet-Me-Room & Connectivity
  Integrated, structured copper and optical cable cross connects system to connect to multiple telecom
  Support 1gig to 10gig speeds with a variety of physical interfaces
   Deploy structured cabling systems to ensure proper cable stress and accurate installation of
               cross connects
   Have redundant bandwidth to the Internet via fiber optic to ensure maximum availability
  Comprehensive peering arrangement with other ISPs ensuring the best connectivity options
   In addition to the redundant, best-of-breed systems, the Data Center is also provisioned for satellite
              dishes and radio-antennas on its rooftop
Command Center
  Professionally trained and certified engineers monitor and proactively respond to daily network
               and facility events at Local Command Center providers
  ITI’s Building Management System (BMS) monitors all building and facility systems including
               HVAC, Fire, Water Leakage, Power Distribution, UPS, AccessControl and CCTV Surveillance