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1. What is ITI?

ITI Limited (ITI), established in 1948 is India’s first central Public Sector Unit under the Ministry of Communication and IT, Government of India with Corporate Office in Bangalore, having 6 manufacturing Plants, 11 Regional offices and more than 35 Area Offices. It is the first and the largest manufacturer of Telecom range of products and provider of total solutions in Telecom and IT space as a System Integrator.

2. What is ITI Data Center and how big it is?

ITI Data Center spread over 120,000 sq. ft. at Bangalore is a state-of-the-art Tier III Plus Data Center with world-class facilities. It has been setup in collaboration with the SPV Company – Trimax Datacenter Services Ltd., the leading independent provider of IT Services and Solutions and is India’s first Public Private Partnership in the Data Center space.
ITI Data Center has a comprehensive suite of services to offer to government and private sector organizations while minimizing the Total Cost of Ownership. It provides you with a scalable infrastructure and technology, highly secured environment with redundant equipments across the solution chain to provide the required uptimes.

3. What is the Organization background of Trimax IT Infrastructure and Services Ltd.?
Trimax established in 1995 is an ISO 9001:2008/ 27001:2005 certified, with 1500+ qualified technical professionals, and a well-qualified and ITIL-certified technical team. Trimax services its customers through its 10 branch offices and 100+ support locations across India and 2 location abroad. Trimax focuses on building and managing IT infrastructure needs of private and public enterprises by leveraging on the following areas of expertise:
  Data Center Services
  System Integration
  Managed Network Services
  Managed IT Services
  Training arm FuturePerfect for building technical skills sets of its engineers

Trimax is an Empanelled System Integrator for Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd (BSNL) and Mahanagar Telecom Nigam Limited, PAN-India Partner for providing Managed Network Services on BSNL’s MPLS – VPN network to offer end-to-end connectivity on an OPEX model.
4. Why should I use OPEX model for my Data Center requirement rather than having a CAPEX
model of establishing my own site?
With budget constraints, setting up own Data Center is an expensive proposition both in terms of money, time and deployment of human resources. Apart from the high capital costs, there are high day-to-day operational costs like electricity & skilled resources. Routinely scaling infrastructure for new business requirements or upgrading to the latest technology is also not feasible. In this scenario, it makes sense to outsource these services to a carrier-neutral Data Center and focus on core business. Third party Data Center service provider like ITI can provide you highly available, secure & scalable Data Center space with best-in-class service levels backed by multiple level redundancies at all levels along with best-in-class tools, technology, resources and business processes. This also allows you to start with your immediate requirement and grow the infrastructure as per business growth rather than investing in oversized infrastructure. These are some of the major advantages of going for an OPEX-based Services model rather than building own Data Center in a CAPEX model.
5. What is the power capacity of ITI Data Center?
Power being the most crucial aspect of any Data Center, ITI has ensured multiple levels of redundancy in its power provisioning. Redundancies include primary feeders, a highly redundant configuration of diesel generators in N+1 Configuration, best-of-breed Emerson UPS Systems in 2N+1 configuration, Battery banks, and PDUs (Power Distribution Units) ensuring uninterrupted power supply up from grid to rack level even in the unlikely event of a sustained power failure. Our High Density Hosting Services allows customers to have up to 14KVA per rack without increasing the footprint..

  Uninterruptable Power Supply
  Uninterruptable power Supply (UPS) provides the backup power protection required for 24x7

  Total Redundant UPS System Capacity: 6 nos. X 500KVA (Primary) + 6 nos. x 500KVA
  (secondary) + 1no. X 500KVA (Standby)
  Ground Floor Server Hall: 1no. x 500KVA + 1 no. x 500KVA
   First Floor Server Hall: 3 nos. x 500KVA + 3 nos. x 500KVA

 Second Floor Server Hall: 2 nos. x 500KVA + 2 nos. x 500KVA

Redundancy: 2N+1

  Diesel Generator Sets
  ITI Data Center has created redundant diesel generators to handle up to 100% of peek load.

Redundant DG Sets Capacity: 4 nos. X 1500KVA + 1 no. X 1500KVA Standby
Redundancy: N+1

  Battery Backup
  Batteries are used for relatively short power outages and provide ride-through support for
  transfer to backup generators for long-term outages. Batteries are placed as per the UPS
 Capacity of each server hall:
 Ground Floor Server Hall: 126 nos. (600Amps/Hr) + 126 nos. (600Amps/Hr)
 First Floor Server Hall: 378 nos. (1800Amps/Hr) + 378 nos. (1800Amps/Hr)
 Second Floor Server Hall: 252 nos. (1200Amps/Hr) + 252 nos. (1200Amps/Hr)

Redundancy: N+N
Vendor: Rocket
6. What is the cooling capacity of ITI Data Center?
ITI has deployed redundant Precision Air-Conditioning systems from Carrier that closely monitor and regulate the ambient temperature and relative humidity of the Data center.
The HVAC units are powered by both normal and emergency electrical systems. These units are monitored through the building automation system; the failure of any unit triggers an alarm.
   Temperature maintained at 22 ± 2 °C
  Humidity level maintained at 50 ± 5% humidity, non-condensingThe “Active Tile” solution for            cooling ensures sufficient cooling for High Density Power Racks.

  HVAC System
  Cooling requirement of the Data Center 1009.5TR, for fulfilling this requirement we are using;

Redundant HVAC System Capacity: 3 nos. x 366TR + 1 no. x 366TR standby
Redundancy: N+1
Vendor: Carrier

 Precision Air Conditioning (PAC) System
  The cooling requirement on each server hall as taken care as follows;
 Cooling Requirement of the Ground Floor Server Hall: 164TR
 Redundant PAC Capacity: 7 no. x 25TR + 1 no. x 25TR

 Cooling Requirement of the First Floor Server Hall: 350TR
Redundant PAC Capacity: 10 nos. x 40TR + 1no x 40TRR

 Cooling Requirement of the second floor server hall: 213TR
Redundant PAC Capacity: 9 nos. x 25TR + 1 no. x 25TR

Vendor: Uniflair
7. What physical security measures are in place at ITI Data Center?
ITI Security process has certified for ISO 27001:2005 certification. ITI’s Data Center is highly secure for controlled access with 24x7 monitoring by on-site security staff and is designed with multiple levels of physical security. These systems include biometric scanners, Role-based access cards. There are multiple CCTV cameras at all the key locations including entry & exit for surveillance with video archival for 30 days for audit purpose. These security systems are integrated with our Building Management System (BMS) and are fully monitored 24x7x365.
ITI Data Center can also address customized security requirements for private caged Co-location space as per customer’s requirement.
8. Give the details on fire protection system of ITI Data Center?
Comprehensive fire prevention and mitigation procedures protect the ITI Data Center from any possible fire hazards. These include state-of-the-art high-sensitivity smoke detectors, high-speed-deployment Nitrogen based Fire suppression, periodic Fire drills, and escalation mechanisms. Nitrogen gas ensures that no damage occurs to the equipment in the event of a discharge. VESDA (Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus) fire suppression systems have been deployed to ensure maximum prevention against fire.
Vendor for VESDA Smoke Detection System: Vision Systems
Vendor for Gas Suppression System Type: Sinorix from Siemens
9. What is the load bearing capacity of ITI’s Data Center?
ITI Data Center is located in ground+3Floor building and it has made three different server halls with different power densities per rack.

  Total Raised Floor Area: 12000 sq.ft
  Floor Loading Capacity: 700 to 2000Kgs per Rack depending on the floor
  False Floor to False ceiling height – 8 feet, 6 inches

The ITI Data Center is equipped with 600 mm raised floor. ITI Data Center installs power cables below the floor for better protection. Cooled air is redirected through the mesh tiles to ensure better cooling efficiency to customer cage and equipment areas.

10. Do ITI Data Center have intelligent building management facility?
Yes, ITI’s intelligent Building Management System monitors all building and facility systems centrally including HVAC, Fire, water leakage, power distribution, UPS, Access Control and CCTV surveillance.
11. What are the reliability standards existing in ITI Data Center?

Number of Delivery Paths  1 Active, 1 Passive
UPS System 2N+1
Standby Generators Provided for critical  N+1
Fuel Systems  N+1
Dual Feed PAC Units
Dual Power path for Dual Power Cord Loads
Chiller Plant – N+1 Redundancy
Critical Load & Cooling System – N+1 Redundancy
Automation & Monitoring
24x7 Facility Operator Coverage
Mechanical Systems – Concurrent Maintenance
Electrical Systems – Concurrent Maintenance
12. Is ITI Data Center carrier-neutral in all respect?
Yes. Unlike other telecom companies, ITI being pure play Data Center service provider, the core of our business model is to provide you with cost-effective, secure, and reliable Data Center services with connectivity option of your choice. By allowing the customers to access multiple internet service providers through a single contract, ITI Data Center saves customers a significant amount of time and effort. The ITI Data Center carrier-neutral model with multiple connectivity options not only gives you the freedom of choice, but also enables you to have redundant connectivity in case of emergency.
Overall, a carrier-neutral Data Center makes sound, long-term business sense for your company especially if your core business is not IT. A Data Center like ours provides you with the best services without the accompanying hassles of owning and operating such a facility.
13. How ITI Data Center take care about Network and Data Security?
ITI Data Center’s Command Center (NOC) monitors and manages all customers’ mission critical equipments round the clock, 365 days a year and is equipped with auto alarm systems that kick into place as soon as unwanted advances are detected. We ensure that customer business critical applications are never effected.
When it comes to data security, ITI Data Center uses nothing but the best and latest devices available. Whether firewalls, IDS & IPS or patches, our countermeasures ensure that customer’s network is monitored 24x7 and vulnerabilities are constantly addressed, ensuring that customer’s data and their network never fall prey to attacks.
ITI Data Center’s security process has been certified for ISO 27001:2005.
14. Do you have staff on-site 24x7x365 days?
ITI Data Center has skilled certified manpower across the hardware and software technologies to deliver right and timely solutions to the customers. Support is available for 24x7x365 days to enable deployment of customers systems, or help address your issues in multiple technologies.

15.What types of services are provided by ITI Data Center?
ITI offers a comprehensive suite of service portfolio starting from foundation level infrastructure services moving up the value chain till professional and consulting services. Our services are flexible in nature allowing customer to only choose what they intends to outsource. Our broad service portfolio is as below:

Managed Colocation  
Managed Dedicated Hosting Utility Backup & Vaulting
Internet Access Load Balancing Firewall & Intrusion Detection
Virtual Hosting & Cloud Hosting Utility Storage OS Hardening & Patch Management
    Utility Messaging Vulnerability Assessment
      Anti-Virus & Anti-Spam (Mail Protect)
Monitoring & Reporting  
Database Support Data Center Build  
Platform Support (Hardware/ OS) Data Center Consolidation/ Migration
Application Support (Web/ Mail) Data Center Build  
    Data Center Build  
16. What are the features and benefits of ITI’s management and monitoring services?
ITI’s Management and monitoring services recognizes that customer’s technology systems are the foundation for their business success. Our high uptime facility guarantee packaged with our 24x7 support and command center, allows you to have peace of mind any time of day or night.
ITI’s management and monitoring services monitor and manage your applications and servers under enterprise-class monitoring solutions and protect your business from planned and unplanned downtime.

  Service Delivery based on ITIL framework (incident/ change/ problem/ configuration etc.)
  Level1/ Level 2/ Level 3 Support with clear scope
  Leverage our existing relationships with vendors
  Stringent SLAs on response and response time
  24x7 Helpdesk & Skilled and certified resources to support the technology issues

17. How do I benefit from the ITI Data Center Services?
You get the following benefits from ITI’s state-of-the-art world-class Tier III Plus Data Center:

  Comprehensive suite of services
  Reduced Total Cost of Ownership
  Access to local, domestic and international telecom infrastructure to serve your connectivity           needs.
  Easy, speed of deployment and implementation
  High uptime service guarantees
  Highest availability, Flexibility and scalability services in meeting future growing demand.
  Access to large pool of skilled and certified resources on 24x7x365 days a year

18. What are the advantages of ITI Data Center over other Data Center players in India?
You get the following benefits from ITI’s state-of-the-art world-class Tier III Plus Data Center:

  India’s first and only Data Center in a Public Private Partnership model bringing in the stability           of PSU and the efficiency of a private enterprise.
  Largest Single Facility in India with Scalability Option.
  India’s first and only Data Center with an ability to support multi-density racks with power           requirements ranging from 4KVA to 14KVA, there by minimizing the Total Cost of Ownerships           for end customers.
  Comprehensive suite of world-class services ranging from core hosting services along with           value added services.
  Experience in supporting IT and Telecom Infrastructure of over 60 Years.
  Strong network backbone from top most carriers.
  Carrier-neutral with major players to have their POP’s in the Data Center.
  ITI campus has fire station, petrol pump and hospital for super fast response to exigencies.